The Open Family Studies Journal

This special issue of The Open Family Studies Journal seeks original manuscripts dedicated to advancing knowledge of children of incarcerated parents. On any given day, over 1.5 million children in this country-approximately 2% of the minor children-have a parent serving a sentence in a state or federal prison. The challenges posed to children and families of the incarcerated are significant. The special issue will focus on children who have (or have had) a birth mother and/or father incarcerated. Emerging research is appropriate that focuses on why maintaining contact with one’s incarcerated parent improves a child’s emotional response to the incarceration and supports parent-child attachment; the short-or-long term impacts of children’s well-being of programs and services for children whose parents are incarcerated; the affect on children and youth with respect to foster care; the impact of incarceration on family reunification and adoption; and the myriad of economic and social challenges that parental incarceration can bring. Quantitative as well as qualitative research articles appropriate for studying the life experiences of this population can be submitted. Theoretical papers are welcomed that are relevant to understanding the needs and strengths of this population and how best to increase rates of family reunification for children when a mother and/or father is incarcerated.

All manuscripts must be formatted according to the style given in the guidelines for authors at The final document is both in MS word and PDF file. References in the articles must be written per required format in both text and reference section. References must be listed in the numerical system (Vancouver). All references must be numbered sequentially [in square brackets] in the text and listed in the same numerical order in the reference section.

Submit manuscripts for peer review to Marian S. Harris, Ph.D., LICSW, guest editor for this special edition, by December 31, 2009. Submitted articles must be revised according to the reviewer comments.

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