Letter from New CEO

Dear Friends and Supporters,

My involvement with Foreverfamily began in 2009. First as a contract bookkeeper, then as a runner/walker for the annual 5K4KIDS race, and as a donor for the race and various fundraising efforts over the years. I believe in the organization’s mission and am honored to join the ranks of those who lead it.

Throughout my tenure, the agency has worked hard to provide services to children and families with a parent in prison. I respect that level of commitment and will uphold that same commitment to quality service and putting the children and families first as the new CEO.  I believe deeply in the importance of children seeing their incarcerated parents. I respect the work that the staff and volunteers have done and do to ensure the children have strong bonds with their parents who are incarcerated. This past Saturday, February 10th, I went on a prison trip. I saw love and the power of family connection in action.  What we do at Foreverfamily makes a difference.

We have learned a lot in our 37 years of programming and assisted many agencies and communities who wanted to address the needs of children with justice-impacted parents. I support the organization’s desire to live out the fourth prong of its mission, which is to share its considerable knowledge with others to do the same and see public policy advocacy, undergirded by the importance of family visits as one means to live out that part of our mission.

As the new CEO, my primary focus will be on raising money to continue to build upon the legacy our founder, Sandra Barnhill, created. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. I look forward to getting to know you and to working alongside you. Please feel free to reach out to me. You can contact me at camillapaul@foreverfam.org

Thank you!

Camilla Paul