For Our Kids


In the metro Atlanta area, Foreverfamily has several programs designed to nurture our children socially, emotionally, and educationally in an enriching environment.

Youth Ambassadors

The Foreverfamily Youth Ambassadors Program provides an opportunity for school-aged youth to identify issues within their communities. They are given opportunities to work collaboratively with their peers, identifying specific issues, and implementing community service projects that respond to the issue(s).

Youth Ambassadors focuses on developing public speaking skills, leadership, project management, teamwork, and problem-solving.


Fall semester during the academic year


Youth Ambassadors provides an opportunity for school-aged youth, grades 1-12, to identify their communities’ issues. Working collaboratively with their peers, they are tasked with selecting 1-3 specific issues and planning, implementing, and participating in community service projects that respond to the issue(s).

YEZ Summit 2016


Youth Ambassadors is a 5 member design team consisting of Foreverfamily program participants, who serve as the Youth Ambassadors officers and hold positions of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and member at large. They help in recruiting youth participation within the organization and the community. The design team will participate in an overnight leadership intensive. Youth Ambassadors will focus on developing public speaking skills, leadership, project management, teamwork, and problem-solving through guest speakers, icebreakers, and supplemental workshops.

Our program will allow participants to get to know their community better, understand its challenges, and organize activities that will get many youth involved.



For Our Caregivers

Caregivers are often overworked and undervalued. Those charged with providing care for the children during the parent’s incarceration face many concerns.

Foreverfamily helps to provide the support needed to navigate this trying time through the Caregiver Support Initiative.

Caregivers work directly with our staff to secure the resources and assistance they need by calling our office at (404) 223-1200.

Some of the resources include:

  • Back To School Supplies
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday food baskets
  • Birthday recognition for the children
  • Christmas wish toy drive
  • Caregiver Advocacy

Annually Foreverfamily caregivers participate in Justice Day at the state capitol. Justice Day is for directly impacted individuals and their families, reform advocates, service providers, the faith-based community, and concerned citizens of Georgia. It is held to support continued Criminal Justice Reform, Juvenile Justice Reform, and reducing barriers to Reentry. Not only do our caregivers meet with legislators, but they also staff a table at the orientation center and provide information on Foreverfamily and lead volunteers for Justice Day in a letter-writing campaign for children of incarcerated parents. 

To honor caregivers, Foreverfamily arranges annual luncheons where they are celebrated and commended for their dedication and all they do for their families.



For Our Parents

Our parents can find support services at Foreverfamily to help them stay connected with their children, learn tips and techniques to parent successfully while incarcerated, and stay on track to a productive life. We offer a manual, Parenting from Prison: A Handbook for Incarcerated Parents, free of charge to prisoners incarcerated in Georgia’s prisons.

Reentry Assistance

For parents coming out of prison, our Foreverfamily staff works individually with parents to determine their needs and connect them to service providers. Our licensed marriage and family therapist works with the parent, children, and caregiver to manage expectations and create a family plan for reunification.