How to Enroll

Becoming a Foreverfamily Participant


  1. Each child must be under the age of 18 when entering the program.
  2. Each child in the program must have at least one parent who is currently incarcerated.

How to Sign-Up

  1. Call or text 404-223-1200 to speak with a staff member to confirm eligibility. Please, be prepared to provide the name and prison number of the currently incarcerated parent(s).
  2. The child(ren)’s caregiver(s) must complete an intake form (asking for the caregiver’s, children’s and parent’s information) either online, over the phone, or by mail, and sign permission forms.
  3. The child(ren)’s currently incarcerated parent(s) must complete a similar intake form, which will be mailed to them along with return postage.
  4. Sign-up for specific Foreverfamily programs that best suit your child(ren)’s and family’s needs.
  5. Welcome to Foreverfamily!

For Our Families


With prison facilities being 100 miles or more away, it is no surprise that the majority of children do not get to see their incarcerated parents consistently. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for these children to see their parents regularly? Well, with Foreverfamily – THEY CAN!

Through Foreverfamily’s monthly prison trips, transportation is provided to 2 out of 4 women’s facilities in Georgia so that these children can visit their mothers. We partner with another agency so children can visit their fathers at select facilities. 

We transport to Lee Arrendale and Pulaski State Prisons for Women. Our prison trips occur on the 2nd Saturday of every month, EXCEPT January, May, June, and July. In May we transport children on the first Saturday of the month. The ride to the prisons ranges from 3 hours to 6 hours roundtrip. The children spend 5 hours with their mother in either the Children’s Center or General Visitation. Access to the Children’s Center is by application ONLY. The children’s mother must talk to the Children’s Center Director and have no disciplinary reports when applying or enrolling in the program.

Our program’s children come from 3 generational homes and range from month old infants to as old as 18 years old.

Here are a few basic facts about out prison trips:

On trip days, Foreverfamily’s program site, located at 352 University Avenue Atlanta, GA 30312 opens at 5 am. We provide a lite breakfast for the children at the center, as well as lunch and two snacks on the bus.

 On trip days, we pick up children who live in Fulton and Dekalb counties. Children who live outside these counties and are interested in riding our buses must be dropped off at Foreverfamily by an adult before the bus is scheduled to leave.

  • Pulaski Buses – Leaves: 6:30 am/Returns: 5:45 pm

Prison visits are mainly for children. Caregivers whose family member is in the Children’s Center are welcome to go on the prison visit twice a year:

  • during Family Day when siblings over 18 and other relatives can attend
  • if the child is under 4 years old or has special needs/disabilities

 Foreverfamily staff workers and volunteers ALWAYS chaperone children, so they will always be safe.

If you have any questions or need more information, please text or call us at, call us at (404) 223-1200 or email us at