Incarcerated Parent’s Newsletter

The monthly newsletters that are sent to the incarcerated parents are sent through JPay email. These emails only allow for basic formatting, so how you see the newsletter below is similar to how the parents receive it.


June 2021 Newsletter

Program Updates

Foreverfamily is hosting a virtual Back-to-School Game Night for the children on June 24th. The following weekend we will be distributing free school supplies to your children. We will be starting the Foreverlearners tutoring/e-coaching program in the Fall.

Foreverfamily was invited to participate in the unveiling of the Free to Dream Campaign Unity Kit at the Atlanta United Soccer game. “Free to Dream marks a long-term commitment by American Family Insurance to an initiative to bridge equity gaps, build healthy, sustainable communities and fight for social justice.” As part of Atlanta United’s series, Foreverfamily will be recognized during a home match in the 2021 season and receive a donation.

Juneteenth Celebration

We celebrate Juneteenth because it is a day that honors the freedom of all people living in the United States. While the Emancipation Proclamation became effective on January 1, 1863, it was not until June 19, 1865, an order was issued informing the people of Texas that all slaves are free. We are proud to be an organization that works to create a better future for our families and community by helping to build bridges and raise their voices to make change within our nation.

PRIDE Celebration

One of our organization’s core values is Respect – Everyone involved with Foreverfamily is a valuable member of the Foreverfamily family and is treated with the utmost respect. We strive to ensure everyone, from our children and families to our staff and volunteers, feels respected and welcome in our space.

Quote of the Month

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” – Desmond Tutu, Human Rights Activist and Theologian

Discussion Topics

Ask your child if you could be anywhere right now where would you be?

Ask your child if they have any new goals that they want to achieve since they last spoke with you

Ask your child if they have ever had an imaginary friend? Tell me about them.

Game to play on the phone 20 Questions – This is a timeless classic, and can be tons of fun for everyone, especially if someone thinks of something extremely specific. 20 questions is the game where one person thinks of something, and the rest try to guess it in 20 questions or less.

Fine Arts & Crafts Competition Reminder

The 13th Annual InterNational Prisoner’s Family Conference will feature a Prisoners’ Arts Competition for currently incarcerated artists. The two submission categories include: 1) small fine art drawings or paintings, and 2) crafts (including leatherwork; jewelry & woodwork). Prizes will be awarded in both fine arts and crafts categories by the InterNational Prisoner’s Family Conference. Submissions must be postmarked no later than August 1, 2021.

If you are interested in participating in the competition please let Foreverfamily know via JPAY so we can send you the guidelines. If you have already requested the guidelines they have been mailed. If you do not receive them within two weeks, please let us know.

I am loved. I am enough.

All Our Love, Foreverfamily