Young Entrepreneurship Program Assistant (YEPA)

Description: YEPA intern will assist in direct service to children and families. Specifically, this intern will help with the planning and implementation of Foreverfamily’s Young Entrepreneurship Project (YEP), a program for Foreverfamily participants ages 16-28 who have started or are eager to start their own enterprise.

Requirements: YEPA intern must:

  • Work at least two weekdays (Monday-Thursday 9 am- 5 pm), be available on the second Saturday of each month from 5:30am-7: 30 pm,(a minimum of three hours should be worked at one time and the total number of hours should be spread over more than one day).
  • and be available for a four-hour monthly session on either a weekend or evening.
  • Have experience with and genuine interest in entrepreneurship.
  • Have experience with/like working with young adults, ages 16-28. Intern must be able and willing to set boundaries and have an open mind.
  • Be culturally competent. Have experience/understanding of urban, Black youth.
  • Have strong IT skills—be able to troubleshoot basic computer and internet issues.
  • Suggested majors: Business, Social Justice

Responsibilities: The YEPA Intern will report to senior staff and will assist in the planning and implementation of YEP including but not limited to:

  • Recruiting, interviewing, and selecting YEP Fellows.
  • Recruiting, interviewing, selecting, onboarding, and communicating with YEP mentors.
  • Facilitating monthly YEP sessions.
  • Implementing evaluation tools to assist the agency in measuring impact.
  • Researching and securing summer internship/apprenticeship placement sites for YEP Fellows.
  • Assisting with grant compliance and proposal writing for YEP.
  • Creating/managing communication and social media platforms for YEP.
  • Creating a final presentation to demonstrate the YEP components, impact, lessons learned, and recommendations for the future.
  • Assisting with IT needs—work with IT consultant to maintain optimal functioning of all computers for use of YEP Fellows.
  • Managing the YEP space at Foreverfamily’s program site.
  • Speaking publicly about YEP and Ff at meetings, workshops, and conferences.