Chief Executive Officer
Job Description

(Posted July 1, 2023)

Job Overview

Foreverfamily is one of the leading nonprofits in our field. We are proud of our 36 years of service to the community, having served over 45,000 young people. We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Chief Executive Officer to lead this dynamic organization. The Chief Executive Officer is directly responsible for all programs and operations of the agency. The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board of Directors and is accountable for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission.

Executive Leadership and Organizational Management

  • Collaborate with the board of Directors to identify, create and implement strategic plans to actualize organization objectives.Identify, recruit, train and develop a talented team of employees who can lead critical departments and manage strategic program functions.
  • Monitor organization operations and ensure employees and organization practices comply with regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Develop the organizational culture and promote transparency and collaboration throughout the organization.
  • Develop partnerships with organization stakeholders, partner organizations, department of corrections facilities and other relevant parties.
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities within the organization and its environment to protect business interests.
  • Identify potential sources of investment and organize fundraising efforts.
  • Represent the organization at social and corporate events in ways that strengthen the brand and communicate the company’s message.

Board Governance

  • Maintain regular and ongoing communication to build strong relationships with the entire Board, providing leadership and support to members at all times
  • Communicate effectively with the Board by providing members with all information necessary to continually function properly and make informed decisions in a timely and accurate manner
  • Attend all Board meetings and provide reports and updates on staff as well as all current work, project timelines, and project and organizational progress
  • Gracefully manage the board as needed to build consensus, remind of outstanding deliverables, and offer support
  • Implement Board policies and procedures and build support for Board decisions amongst staff
  • Work closely and openly with the Board and its committees, ensuring ongoing communication of risks, issues, as well as successes
  • Financial Management and Administration

Development and Fundraising

  • Drive development and fundraising in collaboration with the specified staff personnel, leveraging the Board as needed
  • Initiate, cultivate, and extend relationships with the organization’s financial portfolio of individual, foundation, faith-based, small business & corporate supporters
  • Ensure the organization’s financial stability and sustainability by maintaining healthy cash flow and adequate reserves
  • External Relations and Communications

Agency Founding Key Cultural Competencies

Foreverfamily was founded on Afrocentrism principles that lift up the human experience from the African location and the diaspora. This work highlights the womanist perspective based on the social theory of history and the current strategies women of color/Black women employ to achieve well-being. The lens through which Black women see themselves engaged with the world is of importance because it is a lived experience. Through grassroots activism Foreverfamily mobilizes groups of people who are passionate about this cause. Harnessing the power of conviction pushes for different outcomes than the status quo. This southern organizing style is based on relationships. The relational culture value system of Foreverfamily provides a system of origin that promotes community collaboration and powerful progression. Community accountability and social equity empowerment pushes the needle of advocacy and representation for families impacted by parental incarceration.


Candidates may emerge from nonprofit, foundation, government, or industry backgrounds and should possess the following:

  • Five years of prior experience as a CEO, Executive Director, or in a related position at a nonprofit, foundation, government, or industry
  • Strong business acumen and a history of providing visionary leadership at the executive level
  • Proven experience executing organization growth and leading a similar or larger size successful nonprofit and/or related entity
  • Proven experience working with and leading a nonprofit Board and working with diverse groups of people
  • Familiarity with diverse business functions such as Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources, etc.
  • Experience and success in motivating, recruiting, developing, retaining, and mentoring high performance, mission-driven, and results-oriented teams
  • Excellent written, oral, and public speaking skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with strong interpersonal and multidisciplinary project skills
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Analysis, Education, or related fields and an advanced degree

To apply, candidates should email a cover letter and resume to Direct inquiries about the position can be sent to the agency’s HR consultant via email;