iConnect is a Foreverfamily fundraising campaign to support Family Visitation trips. Thousands of children in Georgia do not have the transportation or resources to visit a mother in prison. At Foreverfamily, we want to keep the family bond strong by providing regular opportunities for these children to spend quality time with their parents.

We hope to partner with the faith-based communities of Atlanta in order to serve the children of this city by providing monthly transportation – every 2nd Saturday – to Georgia’s women’s prisons.

In-person visitation is vital to maintaining and strengthening the bonds between our children, families, and parents.

We are grateful for our church/faith-based support system that has supported our children and families in the past, and we look forward to working with you again soon!!!

Foreverfamily provides children and caregivers who participate in our Family Visitation program with transportation, meals, and van-ride activities. We currently make trips every month to:

  • Pulaski County Correctional, Hawkinsville, GA

And are looking to reEnter:

  • Emanuel Women’s Facility, Swainsboro, GA
  • Whitworth Women’s Facility, Hartwell, GA
  • Lee-Arrendale Correctional, Alto, GA
  • McRae Correctional, Helena, GA

The motto of iConnect is “faithfully connecting children with their incarcerated parents.”  In order to continue successfully in this mission, we need your help in several areas:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Volunteer support
  3. Vans and van-drivers

Please contact us today at (404) 223-1200 if you would like us to contact your house of worship with more information about how to support the children of Foreverfamily.

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