30 for $30

30 for $30

For 30 years, Foreverfamily (formerly AIM- Aid to Children of Imprisoned Mothers) has been inspiring hope in children with incarcerated parents.  We started as a grassroots effort to support children, their caregivers, and their parents as they worked to remain a family during the period of incarceration.

We enlisted the help of thousands of people who wanted to use their gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of children.  As we celebrate three decades of life-changing work, we are going back to our grassroots principles by mobilizing people one by one to help propel our programming efforts forward.

Please join us by supporting our 30 for $30 campaign.

Here are 2 ways:
  • You can participate as an individual and engage family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to help you on your Individual Campaign to raise money and awareness about the plight of children with an incarcerated mom and/or dad.
    Our Individual Campaign Handout gives you some suggestions on how to mobilize people for your campaign.
  • You can help us secure a sponsorship for the campaign. We are looking for corporations, organizations, foundations, groups and teams who want to be a sponsor.
    Our sponsorship packet gives you all the tools you need to submit a sponsorship request.

Would you prefer something you can do immediately?

Awesome! Enjoy a few special moments from our 30 years and make a donation right now.