Social Justice Program Assistant

Description: Intern will assist in direct service to children and families. Specifically, this intern will help with the implementation of Foreverfamily’s Family Visitation Program (FVP), accompanying children to visit with their mothers and fathers who are incarcerated at prisons in GA.Stock Photo Child hugging parent in prison

Requirements: SJPA Intern must:

  • Work at least two weekdays and be available on the second Saturday of each month, from 5:30am-7: 30 pm.
  • Have experience with and genuine interest in/concern for youth development. Intern must be able and willing to set boundaries, discipline, be transparent, and have an open mind.
  • Be culturally competent: experience/understanding of urban, Black youth.
  • Suggested majors: Social Work, Education, Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice

Responsibilities: The SJPA Intern will report to the National President and will assist in the planning and implementation of FVP including but not limited to:

  • Conducting intake on new families, which may include a home visit.
  • Contacting current caregivers and families to ascertain whether they want to attend a prison visit.
  • Transporting children and caregivers to and from the center and to and from the correctional facility.
  • Interacting with prison administrators to set up the visit.
  • Assisting with all administrative aspects of the program including case management and inputting family data into the database.
  • Planning activities for the bus ride to the prisons.
  • Conducting orientation and training for new volunteers.
  • Supervising volunteers on the trip.
  • Connecting with families after the trip if there were issues on the bus or inside the prison with the children and/or incarcerated parent.
  • Implementing evaluation tools to assist the agency in measuring impact.
  • Assisting with grant compliance for FVP.
  • Speaking publicly about FVP and Ff at meetings, workshops, and conferences.