Communications Intern (CI)

Description: The CI will assist with the development and management of all agency communications, both internal and external.

Requirements: The CI must:

  • Work at least two weekdays (Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm) to total at least 8 hours (a minimum of three hours should be worked at one time and the total number of hours should be spread over more two days at a minimum).
  • Have experience with and genuine interest in communication—promotions, social media, newsletter writing, grant proposal writing, journal/editorial writing, etc.
  • Genuine interest in children and families, youth development, social justice, and nonprofit work.
  • Suggested majors: Communications, Marketing, Journalism, Creative Writing

Responsibilities: The CI will report to senior staff and will assist the development team with the planning, creation, and implementation of agency communications including but not limited to:

Developing content for and managing the agency’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).
Creatively increasing the interaction between agency supporters/ “friends” via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
Creating content for and manage Foreverfamily’s blog.
Establishing relationships with Atlanta media outlets to increase Ff’s visibility.
Connecting to and collaborating with like-minded organizations and potential agency partners via social media.
Helping with website updates and updating any promotional materials.
Writing the monthly agency newsletter for supporters.
Creating a monthly newsletter for participants.
Writing articles for the media to highlight programs.
Assisting with grant compliance and proposal writing.
Creating a final presentation to demonstrate major accomplishments, impact, lessons learned, and recommendations for the future.
Speaking publicly about Ff at meetings, workshops, and conferences.